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Nikiya Kiara Basilio Crisostomo [NKBC]

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I am an artivist; my primary goal with my art is to harness unity, love, and a heightened awareness of social responsibility through courageous self-expression.


While I mostly work with acrylics and watercolors, I experiment with different materials and techniques and utilize what is necessary to convey the desired messages in my art. In general, I gravitate towards vibrant colors and textures to layer my compositions.


The content of my art is shaped primarily by my Filipino-American identity. I was born and grew up in the Philippines, and moving to the United States opened my eyes to social inequities, while throwing me into a complex reality of clashing and conflicting, but also harmonious and beautiful mergence of worlds. Through my art, I explore my cultural history and identity as a Filipino, my diasporic journey as a Filipino-American, my present role as an immigrant in the US, and ultimately, my future as I navigate the distance between the two lands I consider home.


I am currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and my works have been shown in exhibits across the country, including California (San Francisco, Berkeley, San Diego, Stanford), Texas, Nevada, and various online platforms with a global reach.

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