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Crisostomo Collective - My family's art collective

My Etsy shop - My personal art shop

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If you are interested in buying any of my artworks on this website, you'd be able to purchase them on Crisostomo Collective or my Etsy shop. I sell both original works and art prints, as well as art products (I have a variety of kitchenware, stickers, magnets, etc with my art on them!).

Note: If you find an artwork on this website that isn't for sale on either Crisostomo or Etsy, feel free to email me and inquire. I'm sometimes able to sell items that I wasn't originally intending to sell. Original paintings marked "SOLD" on this website can no longer be for sale. 



My Upwork account - For professional art & design bookings

Commissions - Fill out and submit my Commissions form for personal art requests!

Note: I also offer some design services through my Etsy shop.

- -

Services offered include (but are not limited to):

  • Weddings (name cards, signage, website, invitations, save the dates, thank yous)

  • Events (flyers, invitations, social media assets)

  • Business design services (website, social media assets, presentation slide decks, business cards)

  • Book layouts (print and digital)

  • Anything else -- just ask!

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