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Paintings + Mixed Media

2019 - Present

The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world; in 2015, studies determined that eight of the world’s top 10 most disaster-prone cities are in the Philippines. Since 1990, the Philippines has been affected by over 550 natural disaster events that have claimed the lives of approximately 70,000 Filipinos and caused nearly $23 billion in damages. At least 60 percent of the country’s total land area is exposed to multiple hazards, and 74 percent of the population is vulnerable to their impact. 


"In the Red: From Blue to Green" explores the complex intertwined elements involved in these phenomena:

  1. The hazard, exposure, and vulnerability in the country in relation to

  2. the country’s overall sustainability, broken down by social equity, environmental, and economic factors

  3. before, during, and after the natural disaster events.


It urges the audience to consider the injustices built into the systems that generate these circumstances, to question their own roles in connection to these injustices, and to recognize that these “natural” disasters are anything but natural. "In the Red: From Blue to Green" looks ahead to the hope that arises in fostering not only economic, but more importantly, socio-environmental resilience for the Philippines.

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