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Paintings + Mixed Media

2016 - Present

This series is made up of commissioned works, and is ongoing.

Acrylic Paintings: 8"x10" canvas panel, $175 unframed

Ink Drawings/Paintings: 9"x12" mixed media paper, $175 unframed

Ink Drawings/Paintings: 5.75"x8.5" sketch paper, $75 unframed

If you want paintings of your pets in the style of this series, please contact me (email, Instagram message, or Facebook message) to begin discussing details.

This series began because I just couldn't contain my love for my own dog, Bella, that I needed to honor her by painting her and memorializing her existence. I decided to expand the "Pets" series to everyone else through commissioned pieces, since the human-pet bond is a universal blessing we all share. When painting pets, I seek to capture their unique personalities and their emotional ties with their humans.

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